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Classic Caesar
An all time favourite! Served with our very own fresh made dressing.
Sizes Available: Small and Large

House Salad
Served with our homestyle Italian vinaigrette.

Zuppa di Giorno
Ask your server for today's soup selections.

Soup, Salad & Crusty Italian Bread


Assorted Italian meats & cheeses served with vegetables.

Calabrese Seafood Dip
Chunks of shrimp & seafood combined with artichokes, roasted red peppers & spinach in a creamy romano sauce. Served with crispy pita wedges. This one's great for sharing!

Garlic Bread & Mozzarella
Crusty Italian bread and fresh garlic, smothered with cheese.

Focaccia bread topped with a combination of tomatoes, onions, mozzarella and spices.

Deep Fried Mozzarella
Thick cheese sticks served with our home made tomato sauce.

Calamari Fritti
Tender rings of calamari, deep fried & served with tangy seafood sauce.

Panzarotti Bites
4 mini panzarottis stuffed with mozzarella & pepperoni. Served with our famous marinara for dipping.

*Available in half order sizes.


The Deluxe
Mozzarella, lettuce & tomato, salami, capicollo and ham … order this one only if your really hungry!

Italian Roast Sirloin
Shaved roast sirloin, roast peppers & onions in our smoke BBQ marinara.

Meatball Submarine
The Classic!

Parmigiana on Focaccia Bread
Your choice of veal or chicken served on herb foccia … smothered with mozzarella and our famous marinara.

The B.M.C. Melt
One of our all time favourites … sauteed mushrooms & bacon topped with generous amounts of mozzarella then toasted on a sub bun.

Chicken Filet
Lightly breaded all white meat filet, topped lettuce, tomato & mayo.


All our pastas include garden salad or soup & crusty Italian bread – refills are no problem!

Mediterranean Pasta
Linguine noodles tossed in a mixture of olive oil, fresh garlic, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, red onions & feta cheese.

Penne Pepperosso
Sweet roasted red pepper, grilled chicken & fresh mushrooms in a creamy sauce, tossed with penne pasta.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Romano cheese, smokey bacon & fresh eggs combined with a large helping of spaghetti.

Shrimp Tirreno
Tiger shrimp, red onion and broccoli spears mixed with fettucini in a garlic cream sauce.

Linguine di Mara
Clams, shrimp, and mussels in a light marinara with linguine noodles. Tony’s personal favourite!

Chicken Marinara
Sliced grilled breast of chicken, roasted peppers, onions and marinara, served with fettucini.


All our pastas include garden salad or soup & crusty Italian bread – refills are no problem!

Traditional Home Style Lasagna
Pasta, ground beef, mozzarella & romano cheeses, all layered in our tomato sauce.

Ravioli Bolognese
Large meat stuffed pasta in our traditional marinara.

Hand rolled pasta tubes stuffed with ground beef, pork, mozzarella and romano cheeses and topped with our marinara sauce.

Small pasta shells filled with ricotta cheese in a cream or marinara sauce.


Start with one of the following:

Spaghetti, Penne, Fettucini, Linguine

Tomato, Alfredo

Add Your Choice of:
Meatballs, Mushrooms, Meatsauce,
Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken, Shrimp


This recipe was developed by Papa Tony almost 60 years ago. Top our freshly baked crust with your choice of a multitude of toppings.

NOTE: We suggest no more than 6 items on our pizzas in order to insure proper cooking.

Toppings Include: Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Feta Cheese, Broccoli, Onions, Pineapple, Spicy Italian Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers, Green Olives, Anchovies, Meatballs, Hot Bananna Peppers, Country Sausage, Ham, Tomatoes & Artichoke Hearts.

Pizza includes cheese and sauce only.
Toppings are extra.

Small (10" - 4 slices)

Medium (12" - 6 slices)

Large (14" - 8 slices)

X-Large (16" - 10 slices)


The classic! Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushroom & Green Peppers.
Available in small, medium, large and x-large.

Tomatoes & onions blended with garlic, oil and spices; top it off with sausage, pepperoni or bacon and you have the closest thing to a true Italian pizza.
Available in small, medium, large and x-large.

Super Duper
Bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sausage & ham … packed with 6 toppings!
Available in small, medium, large and x-large.

Kalamata olives, red onions, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers & feta cheese.
Available in small, medium, large and x-large.

Molto Meatza
Bacon,Pepperoni, Ham & Italian Sausage; a whole lotta meat!
Available in small, medium, large and x-large.


These big deep fried beauties are served with our rich tomato sauce ... Pick up to any 4 fillings you wish from our pizza list.

Pepperoni, Black Forest Ham, Mushrooms & Green Peppers.
Available in small, medium and large.

Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Green Peppers.
Available in small, medium and large.

Molto Meatza
Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham & Italian Sausage; a whole lotta meat!
Available in small, medium and large.


All of our Italian entrees start with unlimited garden salad or soup & crusty bread. Served with your choice of pasta or Italian country potatoes and vegetables.

Chicken Caccitorini
Breaded chicken cutlet smothered in a traditional sauce of roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms & marinara sauce.

Parmigiana – The Classic!
Breaded cutlet of veal or chicken, fried and covered in Mozzarella and marinara sauce.


Chicken Fingers
Large filets of breaded white chicken breast, served with french fries.

Fish & Chips
Two large pieces of battered haddock, served with fries.


All feasts start with ceasar salad, garlic bread ... then lasagna ... and finish with tartufo.

A platter of Veal Parmigana, garlic shrimp Italian country potatoes & mixed vegetable medley.

Broccoli & cheese stuffed breasts of chicken, cheese filled tortellini, Italian country potatoes & mixed vegetable medley.

JUST FOR KIDS (10yrs & under)

All kids meals come with soft drink and Mr. Freezee & kids get their choice of:

Pint Size Pepperoni & Cheese Panzarotti

Spaghetti or Penne in Tomato Sauce

Dino Buddies & Fries

Kid Sized Pizza with Pepperoni or Just Cheese